A House Long Gone

The year is 1899 and E.J. Parrish, a well known tobacco auctioneer and investor has found himself in financial ruins. This respected man among the Durham citizens has an offer by the Dukes he cannot refuse. He packs his bags and leaves the United States for Japan where, as vice-president of Murai Brothers Company, Ltd., he would represent the American Tobacco Company’s majority interest.

But before leaving, E.J. Parrish sells his house to Richard Harvey Wright where he resides until 1916 along with his brother Thomas’ large family. In the day, this house along with Julian Shakespeare Carr’s Somerset Villa were the envy of Durham.

Of course, it is very difficult to identify the people on the porch, but given the number of children, my guess is this is Richard Harvey Wright along with his nieces and nephews. One being my grandfather, Richard Harvey Wright Jr.

This house was destroyed in 1957 to the dismay of many. If you go down Main Street and turn left on Dillard, you will be where this historical landmark was located.

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