A Man With No Excuses

What will our future generations have to say about us? Or maybe the question should be, what incredible feats can we say we have accomplished in our lifetime?

Richard Harvey Wright lived in a time where good medical care was practically nonexistent and travel was very difficult. But even so, Richard didn’t allow the loss of a leg or the challenges of getting around stop him. No, instead, after he lost his leg from a horse accident, he continued to travel to the ends of the earth.

On his business letterhead, dated in 1900, it states that Richard is the sole agent for the famous Bonsack Cigarette Machine in Africa, Egypt, India, Japan and the Philippine Islands. And this didn’t happen in the comfort of his home with his leg propped up. No, the documents found in his archives clearly state that he traveled to each of these places on numerous occasions, building his business as he went.

And if he wasn’t traveling for business, he was roving around the country and world with different family members. In this picture, he is seen at Niagara Falls with his oldest niece Lila by his side. And if you look closely at the terrain, it would be difficult for any able bodied person to walk through, no less someone who navigates around with a peg leg.

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