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Below is an article published by The Herald Sun on September 11, 1911.

The title is Mr. Wright Returns

He is back from a trip to London

Many times crosses

“Richard H. Wright has returned from London where he spent a few days recently on business. This last trip abroad on one of the big White Star liner, the Campania was without incident except one siege of nasty weather which came near upsetting some of the bullion and sliding the dishes over the table. Mr. Wright wasn’t the worst for wear and he hasn’t missed a meal or lost one in the last eight-four trips that he has made.

The return from his more recent trip marked his eighty-fourth crossing of the Atlantic, which with his thirteen voyages across the Pacific makes him some traveler. He makes on an average about two round trips a year and has gone five times during the twenty-nine years that he has been visiting his eastern interests. He has rummaged around among the has been kings and mummified cats until the places have no greater interest for him than they do for the natives and he makes a trip abroad now with the same nonchalance that the average fellow goes to Raleigh.

His travels have been in all sorts of weather and lands and he has gone entirely around the earth not a few times. This accounts for the odd number of times that he has crossed some of the big waters, he goes one way and comes back another. Mr. Wright has business interest and property in several of the remote corners of the earth and pays these a semi-annual visit. His absence from Durham for that reason is never protracted.

And to think Richard Harvey Wright traveled to the far ends of the earth with a peg leg. His determination to persevere, no matter the challenge, should be an inspiration to all of us..

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