1893 in Durham

The year is 1893 in Durham, North Carolina. Julian Shakespeare Carr is the president of the William T. Blackwell Company. This company, with its playful bull painted on the sides of buildings all over the United States, has dominated the industry since the early 1870’s.

But there is shift in the winds. Just across the street, the W. Duke Sons & Co. has found a way to stomp on the bull and put it in its place.

James Buchanan Duke has obtained the rights to the first cigarette rolling machine, developed by James Bonsack from Lynchburg Va. The machine has given the W. Duke Sons & Co. a significant advantage over their competitors.

Richard Harvey Wright, eager to get his hands on a portion of the wealth, has moved to Lynchburg and taken over the Lone Jack Cigarette Company, the company that has worked hand in hand with James Bonsack in the development of the cigarette rolling machine.

If these men didn’t have enough on their plates, Richard Harvey Wright and Julian Shakespeare Carr were busy building up the city of Durham. Both men believed they could make a profit on the development of the land near Trinity College and incorporated the Durham Consolidated Land Company.

Letters went back and forth between Carr and Wright about the condition of the company and the obligations the Durham Consolidated Land Company had with the city of Durham. The vitality of the company and the development of the land was in question.

As we all know, the land was ultimately developed over time. The men didn’t make the money they had planned, but today, as we travel through Trinity Park and the Walltown area, we can see the fruits of their labors.

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