Who Joe Was To Me

Who was Joe to me? An independent soul that only wanted to live each day his way A man that appreciated the little gestures of others A fixer of things and an eagerness to share his talents with neighbors A gentleman with a sweet smile and a kind gesture towards others An artist who skippedContinue reading “Who Joe Was To Me”

Why I Wrote Here We Go Joe

People often ask why I wrote Here We Go Joe, a book about Joe’s struggle with dementia. You see Joe wasn’t my father. He was my husband’s father. So why do I have the right to compose my story regarding a man that wasn’t my flesh and blood? Because, even though Joe wasn’t my father,Continue reading “Why I Wrote Here We Go Joe”

Author Cora Darrah announces the launch of her new Dementia book HERE WE GO JOE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Durham, North Carolina  7/27/15 Author Cora Darrah announces the launch of her new book HERE WE GO JOE – How one family created a final home for a father with love, honor, and dignity. Not only is Cora Darrah launching her book on Amazon she is making it available for $0.99 cents.Continue reading “Author Cora Darrah announces the launch of her new Dementia book HERE WE GO JOE”

My Unmarked Road

Writing the book, Here We Go Joe has given me an opportunity to push past my fears and walk down an unmarked road. Even the obstacles, challenges, and detours this road has laid out before me have been worth traveling. A time of rediscovering, digging deeper into my inner soul. Allowing life to take onContinue reading “My Unmarked Road”

Conversations on the Porch

Conversations on the porch. A place where the people gather to talk and sing their troubles away. A time of huddling together in the last days of life. Songs that were familiar in distant childhoods are sung without regard to harmony or pitch. No one here would have chosen this destination and several still fightContinue reading “Conversations on the Porch”