It’s Dark

It’s dark. So dark if I didn’t know better, I would think I had a mask over my eyes. My hands are fumbling for the light switch. Knowing with the trip of the switch, light will aluminate throughout the room and I will be able to find my way. Finally, my hand locates the switch and it is flipped to the on position. But instead of experiencing the light I was so hoping for, all that is upon me is the unsettling feeling of being bound by the darkness.

So often in life we can be bound by the darkness of this world. Everything can appear lit up and easily seen but in reality we are blinded forever searching for enlightenment and clarity. We fuel this darkness by ignoring the truth and fumbling through using only human energy and the shallow instincts of the heart.  Our minds are held hostage by social network and the huge televisions that are hung in most rooms of our houses. And when we actually interact with people, the conversations seem to ride upon the surface, hardly ever digging through into the core of what is truly meaningful.

When reading the Bible, Jesus claims to be the light, the truth and the way. If he truly is light, then why do we continue to fumble around in our own state of darkness? Has Jesus been replaced with the need to be independent and self-sufficient? Has arrogance and pride kept most from looking past their selves to the true meaning of our existence? My hope is that more will seek out the spiritual realm that can only be found in the words of one man that defied all principles of humanity and actually survived death.

How cool is it to think that he didn’t just survive death but gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit to live within our inner soul? If only we would ignite this Spirit by drawing close to God the Creator and his only begotten son. Then and only then will we experience life as it was designed to be.

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