Two Men Named Joseph

Can you dare to imagine how it felt to take hold of the baby as it left Mary’s womb?

Knowing in your heart that this baby was different from all mankind.

Could it actually be the Christ, the savior the world has been waiting for?

What were Joseph of Natherith’s thoughts when he wrapped the crying baby in the swaddling clothes and wiped away the blood?

Could he actually be a part of a miracle?

Was God using him? A poor man, a carpenter to help bring salvation to the nation of Israel and then to the world?

I wonder what Joseph thought when he held Jesus’s little hand and looked into his eyes?

Were there tears of joy and wonderment of what was to be?

Can you dare to imagine how Joseph of Arimathea felt as he brought Jesus down from the cross?

Knowing that this man was from God.

Questioning if the kingdom he was waiting for had died with the body he now held.

Were his tears splashing upon the body as he wiped away the blood and pulled the nails from his hands and feet?

Was his heart fluttering and hands shaking as he wrapped the body with the clean linen he had bought?

Had emotional exhaustion flooded through him as he laid the body in the tomb and rolled the rock into place?

One who held our savior for the first time and one who held him for the last.

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