Morning Time

IMG_1039Morning time. Birds are singing their own unique songs as they fly through the dense green forest. Sunlight glistens across the water and sparkles likes diamonds through the trees. Squirrels draw closer and closer and then scamper away when a sudden movement is made. The coolness of the morning spreads across my skin like a freshly clean bed sheet.

Morning. A new beginning. A chance for good choices and positive attitudes. Endless possibilities. Breakfast cooked outside on a camp stove. The sizzling of bacon and the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

Here it comes, the first distraction of the day. A hornet with his sound of fury lures my attention away from all my virtuous thoughts. My nervous system goes into alert mode. The pesky insect makes his way towards me with upmost precision. What can I do to prevent this interference in my surreal world? I do what most women would do. Get their husband to bring out the fly swatter and give it a good whack.

Now back to my virtuous thoughts and this incredible day that God has created for all of us to enjoy. The birds continue to sing and the sun continues to glisten. The world is all as it should be…. Until the next distraction and the need to find inner peace that can only come from a good conversation with our Maker.Then and only then can I look beyond the hornets of this life and find the harmony that is promised by our Lord and Savior.

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