A Certain Kind of Laziness

There is a laziness settling in all around us.  Cold temperatures have recently dropped down into the 30’s and a chilling sensation has crept in.  For the first time all year, the switch has been flipped and the gas fire place produces an inviting warmth throughout the house. Carl and Bee lay lethargic on theirContinue reading “A Certain Kind of Laziness”

The Value of a Dog

Jay had been out in the garage working as I was just getting dressed after taking a shower. I could tell by the expression on his face as he looked around the corner that he was anxious about something. Then the words rushed from his mouth. “Have you seen Carl?” “No. As you can see,Continue reading “The Value of a Dog”

It’s All in a Number

As I open my eyes, the thoughts start to flood back into my consciousness. The same rehearsed dialogue rushes through like a wave crashing on the beach. I try to change my thoughts but the injustice of the situation can’t leave my mind and heart. It has been days of continuing this dialogue in myContinue reading “It’s All in a Number”

With the Help of a Walking Stick

It just wasn’t what I thought it would be. From the brochure and name of the cabin, I was certain we would have a creek running through the property where we could walk down with fishing poles and hopes of a big catch. But as we turned off the road where the river winded besideContinue reading “With the Help of a Walking Stick”