A Loving Fortress

Since having Carl, we have had to build a fortress around the back porch and yard so that he doesn’t escape. We have had to use a strong thick wire to keep him from tearing through the screen that encloses are porch. Many times, we have had to double check the gates to ensure he doesn’t get out and run into the road.

From a human standpoint, we know that dogs can be easily hurt if they are allowed to roam the neighborhood. I had several dogs get struck by cars when I was a child because we didn’t have a fenced in backyard. My parents didn’t seem to care enough to pay for a fence. So the dogs we owned were allowed to wander whenever they were let outside.

I can remember having a huge wooded area in the back which was a perfect place for the dogs to ramble around. But two houses down, was a busy street that dipped down into a valley. This made it difficult for drivers to see a dog crossing the street until it was too late.

I will never forget the pain in my heart when my first dog was struck and killed by a car. At the time, I never thought about the importance of having a fence until I was married and had our own dogs to watch and protect.

Doesn’t God want to fence us in because He wants to protect us? Psalm 139:5 states, “You hem me in-behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me to attain.”

God loves us so much that He hems us in to protect us from the dangers of this world. He keeps His hand upon us and leads us away from the streets that can destroy us. All we need to do is draw close to Him and listen and obey. We then will see the boundaries that He has created for us because He loves us.

As for Carl, he has gotten out a few times but thankfully, he hasn’t been struck by a car. Each time this has happened, we have tightened the fortress because we love our little pooch. In the same manner, God can be seen tightening our fortresses, not out of anger, but out of His great love for each one of us.


3 thoughts on “A Loving Fortress

  1. Thanks for this timely messages about your love for Carl and God’s love for us. Hope you and Patty are enjoying the Florida sunshine.
    Love, Linda Ward

  2. Sweet Carl teaches us so many good lessons! Psalm 139 is my personal favorite. It’s a love story between us and God. I thank God for your wonderful insights.

    1. Terri, Thank you for your insight as well with your own blog. I was moved when you spoke of your assistant and the life she has lived. I truly believe God has given all of us a unique story that is woven into a beautiful quilt that we cannot see from this side of eternity. God bless you and keep you close to his heart.

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