Our Deepest Desire

It was clear what Carl wanted. We were sitting at the breakfast table when Carl placed his paws in my lap.  Looking at me with those soulful brown eyes, if he could speak, he would be asking for some of the sausage dish that could be seen on our plates. I pushed his paws offContinue reading “Our Deepest Desire”

Fighting off Anxiety

Anxiety swept over me like a wave splashing across my entire body.  I knew in my soul that something was terribly wrong and I didn’t know what to do. Carl could not be found and I truly believed that he might be gone forever. Early each morning before the heat sets in, I have goneContinue reading “Fighting off Anxiety”

Are You Just Ordinary?

The fearless squirrel scampered across the yard without a care in the world. As the gray furry animal pranced over to the bird feeder, Carl lay in a stupor on the couch. It was clear that he was in a deep state of sleep. This is when I had to confront the sleeping dog thatContinue reading “Are You Just Ordinary?”