This Suffocating Feeling

There is a suffocating feeling that has been pressing down on me for the last couple of days. Exhaustion and a sense of sadness has wrapped its arms around me, squeezing me ever so tightly. Life before was so easy to glide through like a bird soaring over an open field.  Now, thoughts of reality have stumped my going forward, making even small tasks harder to perform.

This is what happens when something devastating happens to someone that has been a part of your life for so long. When there is nothing you can personally do but hold their hand and let them know that you are with them.

Questions of why want to rise up in my consciousness but I must push them away and focus on the truth. The truth lies in the fact that this person has been an undeserved gift along the journey of life. I never earned this friendship nor could ever recreate it even if I tried. I just need to treasure these times, even as difficult as they are.

Tears are falling and I heave a sigh that wants to explode inside of me. But I must turn away from sorrow and remember Jesus’s words, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4) I must hold onto these words with all of my might as I continue down this path, ever knowing that He speaks the truth.

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Hello. My name is Cora. I live in Durham, North Carolina with my husband and two French Bulldogs, Vern and Bee. For thirty-two years, I taught children with unique needs. When I was eligible for retirement, I decided it was time to explore life from a different perspective. So with pen and paper, I have taken up blogging about two of the most extraordinary pets I know. More important than my pooches, is my relationship with God. I love God! He has blessed me with the gift of writing and I want to share what he is teaching me as I look through the eyes of four legged friends. So if you would like to experience how God works in all his creatures, join us on our adventure! When I first started blogging, my Frenchie, Carl inspired me through his crazy antics. But as life has it, Carl had to leave this world at the tender age of four. After a period of mourning for my little guy, I brought Vern home where he has ruled the roost. Oh, did I mention Bee, the Frenchie with a girl attitude and enough spunk to keep Vern in line. Come along beside us as we dive into God’s word and learn morsels of the treasures that only the scriptures can teach us. Vern and Bee would love to get to know you as well, so please feel free to follow us and share your comments….

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  1. Thank you for getting this out and breathing……not all of God’s Soldiers look the same. I have always loved you and I always will.

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