My Garden of Friends

In John 15:12 Jesus stated, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

The tears are fresh and the hurt continues to stab at my heart. I need to change my thoughts to the gifts that I have been given. My grandson’s birthday. I remember the two hour drive to Statesville, not yet a grandmother. At that point, not sure if I wanted to be one. Then this beautiful baby was born. I never would have thought a red headed boy could be so beautiful! Thank you Lord for my grandson. I pray I will always appreciate this amazing gift.

Speaking of gifts. They come in all shapes and sizes but the most special ones are the people God has given us. They come in the shape of grandchildren, children, husbands, sisters and brothers. And then there are the friends, the chosen gifts. We can take them for granted if we are not careful. These friendships need to be nurtured like flowers in a garden. If we are not careful, weeds can grow up all around our relationships and the distractions of this life can choke out the blossoms of a friendship. On the other hand being together creating memories and finding reasons for laughter will surely cause the flower to open wide and display all of its wonderful glory. Through the highs but particularly the lows of this life can loosen our souls and create the rich soil needed for my garden of friends. So as difficult as this time is, I do believe God is creating a beautiful arrangement that will withstand this present storm and ones to follow.

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