Kicked to the Curb

He literally got kicked to the curb. My husband and I were headed on a cruise and we had worked it out with a young couple that they would take Carl for the week. Our flight was very early Sunday morning, so we dropped him off on Saturday afternoon thinking all was good. The houseContinue reading “Kicked to the Curb”

The Gift of Friendships

Poor Carl. He was barred from his bed and once again had to sleep on the couch. Bee, stood in the doorway and made it crystal clear that he was not going to enter. So instead of experiencing the abuse of the Frenchie, he turned and walked down the darkened hallway to sleep alone. IContinue reading “The Gift of Friendships”

Blueberry Crunch

Last night I prepared a Blueberry Crunch for some friends that were coming over to play Bridge. Once we had finished dinner and began playing cards, no one seemed interested in the dessert. The full casserole dish of scrumptious blueberries, pineapple, and pecans over a layer of a yellow cake mix stood dormant on theContinue reading “Blueberry Crunch”

A Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

I know I shouldn’t make them but the urge for a gooey, melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookie every couple of weeks is just too difficult to pass up. Because I make them so often, I know the recipe by heart. Over a course of time, I have learned that it isn’t just theContinue reading “A Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie”

My Garden of Friends

In John 15:12 Jesus stated, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” The tears are fresh and the hurt continues to stab at my heart. I need to change my thoughts to the gifts that I have been given. My grandson’s birthday. I remember the two hour drive to Statesville,Continue reading “My Garden of Friends”