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Overcoming our Feelings

I am not sure how Carl is feeling about being back under our roof. For the first two days upon returning from a house full of children, he seemed depressed. He basically laid on the couch and slept for the majority of the time. After several days, he now seems to be more content about his present situation.  I am not sure why I care so much about how he feels.

Why should how a person feels be so important to all of us?  I will never forget taking my father in law to the doctors after being diagnosed with lung cancer.  Every time we were approached by a nurse as she escorted us into the examination room we would always be asked the same question. “How are you doing?” Which could be interpreted as “How are you feeling about life?”

I am sure this is just a way to greet people, but in reality, what should we be asking people when we encounter them? Should a person’s feelings be the most important aspect of their being?

I just finished listening to a message by Joyce Myers that really challenged me. She explained that humans are made up of three different parts, the physical body, the soul, and the spirit. A person’s feelings fall under the category of soul along with the mind and will. Deeper into who we are is our spirit that should be dictated by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures.

She explained that if we live by how we feel or our emotions, than we are not going to experience the joy that comes from living by the Spirit.  Jesus even addresses this in John 15: 11. Since He created us, He knows what will complete us emotionally.

If I remain in Him, I can have joy no matter the circumstances. Even when it involves something as devastating as lung cancer. So how do I remain in Him? By reading the Scriptures when I don’t FEEL like it. It is only through the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit can push through our soul (feelings, mind, and will) and motivate our physical body to do the Will of God.

It was interesting, because just as I was writing this, I had the urge to go over and check on Carl and was tempted to turn the television set on. As I looked down at the dozing dog, I was reminded that I needed to return to what I believe is God’s Will (writing this blog) and dismiss my feelings.

Now that I have completed this entry and getting ready to send it off, I am filled with a sense of contentment that can only come from digging past my soul and pulling out what is of true spiritual value.



Finding Treasures Along the Way

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine had a brain aneurysm that almost took her life. When I first heard the news, I was taken over with an overwhelming sense of sorrow. I was torn between wanting to go immediately to her side or giving her husband some space to process what was happening.  After realizing that I couldn’t do anything at that moment, I decided to run the errands that I had planned on doing.  First, I went to the DMV and renewed my driver’s license and then I went to the post office to mail a package.

I felt numb as I stood in line waiting for my name to be called, looking around at all of the different shades of humanity that lined the walls. Thinking about how precious life is and how easily it could be taken from us. After leaving the DMV, I made my way to the post office where I ran into an old friend from my past. She immediately asked about me and I couldn’t help but begin to cry. Concerns about my friend flowing freely.

I then asked her about how she was doing and she told me how she had had stage four colon cancer. She explained how God was ever present throughout her long treatment and recovery period. She shared how her relationship with God had been transformed because of the cancer and how she was truly grateful for it. As I listened to her, I couldn’t help but think about how God had placed her in my path at just the right time.  He gave me the gift of hope which I will forever be thankful for.

Yesterday afternoon, I did get to see my friend.  She was extremely groggy but clearly thankful for having survived. When I walked into the room, it was clear she was glad to see me and began asking about my family.  With all that she had been through, she cared enough about me to look beyond herself. I couldn’t help be in awe of having such a dear friend, a true treasure from God.

Our Trip to New Bern

It is Saturday and my husband and I are headed to New Bern to see his dad. It seems like yesterday when we received the call from him that he had lung cancer. Little did we know then that our lives would be drastically changed. Last March, Joe, Jay’s father, let us know that he had stage three cancer and that the doctor wanted to operate. He found out when he saw a commercial about asbestos. Since he worked on pipes in the military he decided to call the lawyer’s phone number listed on the commercial. They directed him to have some tests done before they could see if he was eligible for the settlement money for individuals with mesothelioma. He had his doctor do some tests and the cancer was found. The crazy part was that there were no symptoms.

I have come to truly believe that God works in mysterious ways. It was like he led me into my desert so that I would be available to help Joe. As I stated in my earlier post, I retired from teaching and am now in a major transition in my life. Last year, I tried to drum up a tutoring business but nothing materialized. I have never had difficulty getting jobs so this was very odd to me. No matter how many approaches I took, no work came my way.

Since I had no major responsibilities besides taking care of my grandchildren and husband, I was able to get in the car and drive the four hours to Columbia South Carolina. My husband and I have gone down to Columbia at least 15 times in the last nine months. During this time period, we have also realized that Joe has Alzheimer’s and shouldn’t be left alone.

This was particularly troublesome because Joe happens to be a very stubborn, independent man that doesn’t want anyone’s help and is making choices that could put him and others in danger. Joe always carried a gun and would keep it beside his bed. One night when my sister in law was spending the night, Joe became very confused and actually pulled the gun out when he heard her coming through the door. It was extremely alarming to her and heightened our concern for his wellbeing.